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“Storing Wine The Right Way: Investing In A Wine Storage Facility” 

There comes a time in every wine collector’s journey in which they must find a proper storage place for their growing bounty.

That time came for me recently.

I was completely out of room in my condo. Every dark closet and corner had been taken up with bottles. I had no room for wine refrigerators and no basement to build into a wine cellar. And with every passing day I got more concerned that the bottles that I did have stored in (relatively) cool, dark places in my home were not properly stored.

The reality is, if you want your wine investment to retain its value and quality over time, you need to take care of it. And while a dark closet that sees relatively small temperature fluctuations is better for wine than open areas with light and heat, it’s not a good long term solution for a serious collection.

So a few weeks ago I made the decision move a good chunk of my collection to the International Wine Vault in Framingham, Massachusetts. Here are some of the the reasons why I selected IWV.”

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